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Reut Cohen Schorr, Ed.D., is an award-winning writer, children's fiction author, and college educator with more than 15 years of professional experience in the communications and journalism realm. Her reporting, editorial, and design work has appeared in California Real Estate, Robb Report, Realtor Magazine, Florida Realtor, The Guardian, Times of Israel, JNS, Algemeiner, City Journal, Scientific American, The Orange County Register, The Press-Enterprise, KCET, and Fox Business Network, among many other reputable media channels. 

An educator since 2013, Dr. Cohen is a full-time associate professor at Glendale Community College and runs the Journalism department, which entails curriculum development, advising, and overseeing student newspaper and magazine publications. She is also co-founder of the GCC Pulitzer Center Consortium and co-creator of the GCC Student Research Symposium. Dr. Cohen has previously taught as an adjunct at California State University, Northridge in Los Angeles County. 

She earned her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from California State University, Northridge. Her research focused on student engagement and success at two- and four-year higher education institutions.

In August 2019, she published a children's book, an ambition since she was a little girl. The book is available for purchase on She also works as a consultant for special events, such as children's parties and baby showers — a labor of love.

She resides in Southern California with her husband and daughter.

(805) 586-2987
Two Pens

"After streaming into the Holy Land, where they strove to assimilate to their new homeland, the Iraqi newcomers gripped onto their cultural underpinnings.
The community’s music, food,
and culture — influenced by an ancient ancestry — remain a touchstone as these Jews
proudly call themselves “Iraqi."

Times of Israel


For about a year, I worked on a children's book, a project that I had always wanted to do but never found the time to pursue. I had the privilege of working with illustrator Matthew Spencer. You can buy your own copy on


Fifteen-plus years of experience in reporting, broadcast production, and publication design has provided ample opportunity to work across roles within publications, including writing, editing, design, and marketing. View samples of publications for which I have written, as well as produced, here.

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