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Party Teapot

In planning several parties and events, from a wedding abroad to special events for friends and family, I kept hearing a common refrain: "Why don't you do this professionally? You love it so much!" I do love it, a whole lot. With a growing family, I am finding new ways to supplement our income while doing things that I enjoy.


In the realm of event planning, I offer meticulous attention to detail, a knack for creative problem-solving, and a dedication to ensuring that every occasion I help curate becomes a cherished memory for clients. I understand the significance of life's milestones and the importance of celebrating them flawlessly.


In the domain of home organization, I bring order, simplicity, and functionality to spaces. I am adept at transforming cluttered environments into serene and efficient havens. Whether it's streamlining a busy household or optimizing workspace for maximum productivity, I excel in creating harmonious living and working spaces.

In essence, my endeavor to blend my passion with professionalism is motivated by the desire to offer exceptional service to individuals and families seeking memorable events and organized living spaces. It's about delivering a level of excellence that reflects my unwavering commitment to both my craft and my clients' satisfaction. 

Event pricing depends on the size of your event, preferred package, and more.
 Home organization pricing is typically hourly.
 Please see the pricing information sheets on this page.

For more information, please reach out via email with details about your upcoming project. 


(805) 586-2987

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